January 5th, 2016

Term xxxix

Term XXXIV Leaving / Hiatus Post

If you are leaving The Order, please leave us a comment here. If you are going on hiatus, please leave a comment here saying how long your hiatus will be.

If you have any issues or considerations regarding leaving The Order, you can private message your mods or send us an email at hih.ordermod[at]gmail[dot]com.
Term xxxix

Term 34 Order Help Desk!

Hello, mods!

You all know by now that The Order is here to lend you a Phoenix or two should you need any help. We thought in case there was some uncertainty with how to go about asking for assistance, this form and the following guidelines might be useful. :)

What can I ask help with?

We are more than happy to talk big picture strategy with you guys, and even work with you on Projects (with a capital "P"), so long as you've run them by your HiH mod and you've been given the go-ahead. For those discussions, please don't hesitate to email us at hih.ordermod@gmail.com, and we'll talk through what we can do.

But running communities isn't always about the Great Big Vision. Sometimes, there are the tiny things too. In the past, Phoenixes have done things like pinch hit for the Daily Prophet and make category banners for Hogsmeade. We're more than happy to assist you in similar ways, even if it's something as simple as posting reminders on Twitter or showcasing community submissions on Tumblr.

Our guidelines for tasks:
  • It is a one-time project
  • It can be done by one or two people for a few hours
  • It is outside your normal mod duties
  • But it will help enhance your community for one reason or another (i.e., make it more organized, etc)

Obviously guidelines are just guidelines -- if real life is in the way and your HiH mod is similarly indisposed for one reason or another, we'd be happy to jump in as well (but we'd probably hear about it from the HiH mods in that case).

What can't The Order help with?

There are a few things that are out of our reach as Order mods:
  • Submitting points for you (we just don't have access)
  • Counting points for activities you are supposed to run (unless there is a real-life emergency and we are asked by HiH mods)
  • Other things normally associated with your modly duties

If this makes sense to you, and you have something to ask of us, go ahead and fill out the form below. Thank you!